The 30 Best iPhone Apps So Far This Year.

Posted by Jas under application, iTunes Store, News on Sunday Aug 8, 2010

Techcrunch posted about “The 30 Best iPhone Apps So Far This Year”. Personally I do not keep many iPhone Apps in my iPhone, if I found the Apps is not good and I’m sure I will delete immediately. Just wonder how many ‘so called’ Best iPhone Apps you have so far as posted below.

1. Angry Birds
Launch birds from a slingshot to topple buildings and crush piggies. There’s a reason this game has been No. 1 on the Paid List for so long. Addictive only starts to explain it.

2. Plants Vs Zombies
Protect your home from an invasion of zombies by placing plants that shoot, freeze, blow-up, crush, or generally obliterate your foes.

3. Fruit Ninja
Swipe to slice 3D fruit as it enters your screen. Great visuals and gratifying delivery.

4. Archetype
One of the best 3D arena shooters for the iPhone. Smooth multiplayer and easy handling. If you’re going to play a first-person shooter on the go, this is the one.

5. Rhythm Spirit
A rhythm-fighting game based on Japanese folklore. Very unique with top-notch production values. Can’t go wrong with ninjas, fighting, and music.

6. Ragdoll Blaster 2
Sequel to the fun and creative physics game. Blast ragdolls out of your canon to hit various targets. Tons of levels and really interesting puzzles.

7. Canabalt
The iPhone version of the popular flash game. Original escape game where you run away from impending doom, dodging obstacles and crashing through windows.

8. Chaos Rings
One of the few games priced above $10 that sold really well. A deep RPG with fantastic graphics from Square Enix.
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Buzz2 Chaos – Spot The Difference

Posted by Jas under application, iTunes Store, Malaysian on Saturday Jun 5, 2010

This is to introduce another Malaysian iPhone Developer. The Buzz2 Chaos – Spot The Difference, the 1st game introduced by Pokit Game.

Buzz2 Chaos is a new & exciting photo hunting game with the “Animal” theme!

Buzz2 Chaos
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Avatar 阿凡达 for Apple iPhone

Posted by Jas under Download, Entertainment on Monday Jan 18, 2010

Have you watch Avatar movie? Have you 1 times, 2 times, 3 times, or more? Now can play Avatar game on your Apple iPhone.


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Playing iPhone Games Without Crash

Posted by Jas under Tips on Wednesday Jun 10, 2009

I was getting an email from one of the reader few days back regarding his iPhone problem which SpringBoard always crash while playing games. I would suggest you try SwapMode, an application from Cydia(jailbreak your iPhone if you wanna try this).

Basically SwapMode will allow you to switch between normal and game mode. Game Mode will turn off background services and SpringBoard Extensions such as SBSettings, iHome, etc. Your device will behaves as if it is freshly jailbroken with no app and extension installed, thus reducing the chances of system crash during game play. Normal Mode: Revert device to normal operation. Re-boot if necessary should it experience any abnormality.

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10 Must-Have iPhone Games

Posted by Jas under Games, Tips on Thursday May 21, 2009

Previously we talked about 10 Best Apple iPhone Games, today I would like to share 10 Must Have iPhone Games.

DeerHunter 3D ($5.99)
If you’re a fan of arcade hunting games like Big Buck Hunter, you’ll love DeerHunter 3D. The game lets you track deer footprints on your map, and when you get close enough, go in for the kill. Unlock cool extras like a scope for far-away shots, and keep yourself still and your aim true using the Steady button.
DeerHunter 3D

Fieldrunners ($2.99)
There are lots of tower-defense-style games in the App Store, but Fieldrunners is my favorite. Install different types of defense towers across the battlefield to keep enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and zeppelins from infiltrating your base.

Flight Control ($0.99)
Think you’ve got what it takes to be an air traffic controller? Flight Control will change your mind about that. The game involves setting flight paths to safely direct jumbo jets to the large runway, smaller prop planes to the airstrip, and helicopters to the helipad. The premise is simple, but the game play is tough.
Flight Control
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10 best Apple iPhone games

Posted by nts under Download, Entertainment on Monday May 18, 2009

Playing a game on Apple iPhone is my favorite and I would like to share Top 10 best Apple iPhone Games.

Note: Some of the game may not apply in Malaysia.

1. Wolfenstein 3D Classic ($2)
Quite possibly the best iPhone game in existence. 60 huge levels, laid out precisely as you remember them. Smooth, functional controls (touch or tilt – your choice!), designed by the original creator and legendary designer John Carmack. What could be better? Only the upcoming port of Doom.

2. Metal Gear Solid Touch ($8) – US Only
Don’t expect any stealth. Touch is basically a glorified shooting gallery, set in Metal Gear Solid 4 environments against Metal Gear Solid 4 baddies. The graphics are so good and the gunplay mechanics are so satisfying, however, that you probably won’t mind a bit. Earning up to 50 reward wallpapers only adds to the bargain.
Metal Gear Solid Touch

3. Myst ($6)
What felt dated by modern PC standards – the static screens, repetitive sound effects, cheesy video and limited movement – now seems perfectly streamlined for on-the-go iPhone gaming. Let’s hope this is just the beginning of a portable point-and-click resurgence.
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