Celcom iPhone Available Now

Posted by Jas on Wednesday Apr 1, 2009 Under Announcement

Celcom iPhone 3G As you know, Maxis iPhone 3G available about 3 weeks back and it’s official Celcom iPhone is available now!

Check out Celcom Apple iPhone rate plans as below.
Celcom iPhone Plan

Check out http://www.celcom.com/iphone

Congratulation! Today is April Fools’ Day!

22 Responses to “Celcom iPhone Available Now”

  1. moo_t Says:

    Hahahhaa. April 1st :)

  2. dragoncity Says:

    when i see the title, i like “wah…”, but then on 2nd thought, i know it’s april fool. Good try..

  3. kero Says:

    darn, u got me!

  4. michelle Says:

    I called the Celcom support team, they said their network is not suited for iPhone.

    I just received a surge of RM40 charge without doing anything. They claim it is iPhone but for past 3 months there was no such charges. I know how to operate my phone and configured no 3G/EDGE, push disable. Cannot access internet but still there are charges. Shocking!

  5. raime Says:

    hi michelle..

    wow.. that is scares me..

    i celcom user for more than 15years now and last week got myself new iphone.. hoho

    are you still using celocm and iPhone?
    how is it?

  6. andy Says:

    i celcom call center no one know about this…..

  7. Mr. SKS Says:

    Hey Michelle and Raime,
    I’m a celcom and iphone user as well. Have you guys experiencing drop-calls? I always got this prob when i make/receive calls on my celcom iphone. I was using Nokia E71 before this but never experience any drop-call. Heelllpp~

  8. Raime Says:

    Mr. SKS

    I used to use Nokia E72 before changed to iPhone 3Gs.

    at first, yeah i experienced few drop calls. There is a window pop up say dismiss.. u may click on that one and clik on the ‘answer’ button..

    good luck!!

  9. Raime Says:

    does the jailbreak carry software 3.1.3 now? anyone knows?


  10. William W Says:

    probably due to signalling issues/limitations on Celcom network….you can read all about it here….


  11. keatpek Says:

    Hi Mr.SKS and Raime. I too face the same problem. It always happen during the first call. But the second attempt will go through. Very irritating. Anyone has the solution to this?

  12. kz Says:

    hahaha.. once i see this, already know it’s a joke. Celcom does’t have i-value plan. Definately it’s from Maxis

  13. raime Says:

    Hie, am currently using celcom and iPhone 3Gs and jailbreak. My firmware 3.1.2

    Question – can i upgrade to OS 3.1.3 now? what happen if i update the system onto my iPhone. would it be okay.

    I came across one artical says we can now upgrade it to 3.1.3

    is it true? how do i do that?

    thanks people.. :)

  14. dee Says:

    i’m using iphone 3g on celcom too. no drop calls for me :-)

  15. virtual_listener Says:

    Raime, y cann upgrade to 3.1.3 now. JB using spirit or jailbreakme, search using mr google k. before that make sure u backup your iPhone setting and data.

  16. Spec and images for iPhone 4 | sollehahn.com Says:

    [...] Celcom [...]

  17. Faith Says:

    Malaysia plan are so shocking!it was way too expensive!!!!compared to oversea, Singapore have a fairer plan and way too good for the users!u only need to pay $200 to get an iphone 4 if you want to pay $30+ ONLY for monthly commitment (2 years contract, 12GB data,NO advance payment…etc etc…It goes the same for UK users…!

  18. MM Says:

    m’sia telecommunication is very kanasai one…
    all my oversea friends were shock when they know the selling price of phones in M’sia, and the so call “plan / package” even more funny…

    sometime feel like been forced to use expensive phone/rate in M’sia…

  19. mimu Says:

    buleh kiro gini….bayar sikit2 …

  20. gavin chen Says:

    aiyo…don lie lol…

  21. gavin chen Says:

    i think tht, will buy new one i phone 4, maybe not now…haha.. i hv waiting for i phone 5…

  22. powerbiz Says:

    i`ll wait for iphone 6

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