Maxis iPhone 4

Posted by nts under News on Friday Aug 13, 2010

Maxis iPhone 4 is coming to town very very soon!

Maxis iPhone 4

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Check out real iPhone 3G S

Posted by nts under News on Wednesday Jun 17, 2009

The real Apple iPhone 3G S show on Youtube posted by bluefirerulz.

iPhone 3Gs 1st Video

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iPhone OS 3.0 Review

Posted by nts under News on Tuesday Jun 16, 2009

On June 17th Apple will publicly release the iPhone OS 3.0. Some of the developers already have access to this final build, and apparently it has been leaked on the web.

Video 1:

Video 2:

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I like this!

Posted by nts under Entertainment on Thursday May 21, 2009

Just found this nice photo from The iPhone Blog.

Steve Job Apple iPhone

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10 best Apple iPhone games

Posted by nts under Download, Entertainment on Monday May 18, 2009

Playing a game on Apple iPhone is my favorite and I would like to share Top 10 best Apple iPhone Games.

Note: Some of the game may not apply in Malaysia.

1. Wolfenstein 3D Classic ($2)
Quite possibly the best iPhone game in existence. 60 huge levels, laid out precisely as you remember them. Smooth, functional controls (touch or tilt – your choice!), designed by the original creator and legendary designer John Carmack. What could be better? Only the upcoming port of Doom.

2. Metal Gear Solid Touch ($8) – US Only
Don’t expect any stealth. Touch is basically a glorified shooting gallery, set in Metal Gear Solid 4 environments against Metal Gear Solid 4 baddies. The graphics are so good and the gunplay mechanics are so satisfying, however, that you probably won’t mind a bit. Earning up to 50 reward wallpapers only adds to the bargain.
Metal Gear Solid Touch

3. Myst ($6)
What felt dated by modern PC standards – the static screens, repetitive sound effects, cheesy video and limited movement – now seems perfectly streamlined for on-the-go iPhone gaming. Let’s hope this is just the beginning of a portable point-and-click resurgence.
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