Apple iPhone 5

Posted by Jas on Monday Nov 8, 2010 Under Industry News

Apple iPhone 5

The above drawing shows all the wonderful features about Apple iPhone 5. Stay Tuned!

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  1. AYAD G. AYAD Says:

    i want puy iphone 4 or 5

  2. jeniper idris Says:

    mana yg paling ok yg puas!.. iphone 4 & 5???

  3. Jas Says:

    iPhone 5 belum ada bro.

  4. adie Says:

    kalau kita beli iphone dari USA , bole unlocked kt KL tak ?

  5. virtuallistener Says:

    Insya’Allah boleh :D

  6. mukhriz Says:

    ble iphone 5 akan keluar kt msia ek? p yg lebhnya iphone 4 berbanding iphone 5?

  7. mukhriz Says:

    ehmm ble iphone 5 akn kuar kt msia? btl ke iphone 5 gne 4G n 4G x d coverage yg meluas kt msia so myb iphone 5 x kan kuar kt msia? atau d spe yg taw p yg lebh iphone 5 berbanding iphone 4

  8. i-talk Says:

    iPhone 5 to begin production in May.. iPad 2 will be in February

  9. Abi Darwish Says:

    5 prkara ttg iPhone 5:

    1. dual core processor.
    2. 1gb ram.
    3. xsokong 4G.
    4. xsokong 3d display.
    5. official launch kat msia bln 9/2011.

  10. LovelyBear Says:

    iphone 5 will be available in Malaysia on this coming May… ?? sure or not?? isit like the AP phone??? :P
    how much of the iphone 5 ??? Is available on Digi plan or Maxis plan ??

  11. Izwan Adzman Says:

    1. iPhone 5th Gen will be called iPhone 4(2)
    2. iPhone 5th Gen will be use A5 Chip.
    3. iPhone 5th Gen will be running iOS 5.0
    4. iPhone 5th Gen completedly redesigned.
    5. iPhone 5th Gen will be more features/smart.
    6. iPhone 5th Gen will be using RFID sensor.
    7. Expected RRP will be same with current iPhone.

  12. anonymous Says:

    give me reasons why is iphone 5 worth it more than blackberry!!

  13. CHERRY Says:


  14. jason tan Says:

    when i phone 5 will in malaysia ?

  15. M Says:

    huh?. blackberry?. what berry again?

  16. . Says:

    Malays cant afford such luxurious stuffs. Work harder and please make Malaysia a better place.

  17. Adam Says:

    want to know bout the rumours of iphone 5 being not suitable in malaysia??
    also that iphone 4 many probs??

  18. Lum Says:

    celcom have iphone package?

  19. malaysiaiphone Says:

  20. Adam Says:

    many rumours bout iphone 5..
    many has commented on the fact wether is iphone 5 is better then iphone 4 in mlaysia..
    but still no answer..pls, i need to know wether its worth to wait 4 iphone 5..or should i just go 4 ipne 4..

  21. Jack Says:

    ala kan iphone 5 kerus gila doh

  22. rajni Says:

    how to transfer data from laptop to apple iphone

  23. jejaka Says:

    i don’t like iPhone or iPad at all. Forever and ever…
    Samsung’s and Asuses products are still okay for all peoples in Asia.
    Be racional..Asian’s are the best for Asian….Not for Americans or Europeans…

  24. Budak Bengong Says:

    Aku pun tak suka iPhone dan iPad juga…Banyak sangat kekurangannya…
    -Kuat makan bateri – sehari dah habis, gila!
    -Tak ada slot utk memory-card, bodoh!
    -Tak dapat main fail2 animasi internet – tak ada software flash, bengap!
    -Bunyi(sound) tak sedap macam Samsung, leceh!
    -Mahal, sebab kurang ciri2 penting, harap glamour je lebih! Keldai!
    -Yang bahaya , buatan Amerika – penyokong Yahudi Israel! Jahat!

  25. christina Says:

    hi dear! pl you can let me know and iphone5 when come malaysia ? pl help me

  26. Edifive Says:

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  27. Ahmed Rufai Says:

    I want to no how much is Apple Iphne 5

  28. Alisha Says:

    hey, someone could you please inform me on when iphone 5 is launching?
    i heard it is launching on octuber 4th worldwide.
    is it true? please let me know asap.

  29. informer Says:

    IT IS launching IN MARCH OF 2012……..

  30. madness Says:

    nk tanye kit, kenapa bila tulis status kt wall facebook x de kua “via iphone” pn?? cuma kua ” via mobile” jek.. dia ada setting lain ke??

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